Arm Pressure Monitors

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 06/24/2010

Upper arm blood pressure monitor measures blood pressure and pulse rate. It has two major parts; main unit with digital display and arm cuff with air tube & plug.

Upper-arm blood pressure-monitor

The upper arm blood pressure monitor measures blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly. It has two major parts; they are:

  • Main unit with digital display to indicate the blood pressure measured.
  • In addition, arm cuff with air tube and plug which is wrapping over the upper arm to sense the blood pressure.
  • The blood-pressure readings are stored for further reference and treatment.

Upper-arm pressure-monitor usage procedure

  • Sit upright with the back straight, remove any tight dress over upper arm, and place the arm on a support so that the cuff will be at the same level as the heart.
  • Wrap the arm cuff correctly to get accurate results.
  • Measurements can take with light clothing; remove thick clothes, such as sweaters, before taking a reading.
  • Take a measurement on either the left or the right arm. The blood pressure can differ between the right and left arm, prefer left arm because it is nearer to the heart.
  • Insert the air plug into the air jack on the main unit.
  • Put the left arm through the cuff loop.
  • The air tube should run down the inside of the forearm and be in line with the middle finger.
  • The bottom of the cuff should be approximately one finger above the elbow.
  • Press the START button in the main unit.
  • Inflation of the cuff starts automatically and determines the ideal inflation level. The unit detects the pulse during inflation. During measurement, remain without any movement in a comfortable position.
  • The measurement is complete when the arm cuff fully deflates. Now the Main unit displays the blood pressure and pulse rate.