Wrist Pressure Monitors

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 06/24/2010

Blood pressure measured at doctor’s office may give an elevated pressure due to nervous, called as white-coat hypertension, so prefer home blood pressure measurement.

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Wrist blood pressure monitors are in the form of cuffs with large digital display to indicate the blood pressure. You have to wrap it around the wrist. The blood-pressure reading and the pulse rate are indicating on the large digital display; furthermore, it stores pressure reading and keeps the data as a record. The record is stored automatically no need to press the memory button after taking measurements. The wrist blood pressure monitors are convenient to use just put-on like a wristwatch.

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor usage procedure

To get the most accurate reading in wrist blood pressure monitor,

  • Wrap the wrist cuff correctly - Turn the left or right arm thumb upward and place the wrist cuff over the left or right wrist with the display of the unit facing upward.
  • Cover the wrist cuff by leaving a width of an index finger between the edge of the wrist cuff and the bottom of the palm.Check if the wrist cuff completely covers the wrist.
  • Pull the wrist cuff upward by holding the edge so that it can wrap closely. If you are not properly wrapping, then the reading is not reliable.
  • Sit up straight comfortable position.
  • Take five to six deep breaths before measurement, and then return to normal breathing. Relax the shoulders and arms.
  • Adjust the height of the wrist to the level of the heart (i.e. close to nipple). It is must hold the hand with support and at the level of the heart while taking the reading. Many wrist blood pressure monitors have to position sensors, which can help us to hold the wrist at the correct position.
  • During the measurement do not fold the fingers tightly, keep it in comfortable position without stress.