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Insomnia Home Remedies

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Insomnia home remedies are easy to follow insomnia tips, which provide insomnia relief. Learn insomnia home remedies.

Acute insomnia can treat effectively by following insomnia guidelines or insomnia home remedies.

Insomnia Home Remedies

  • Improving your daytime habits: Regular day exercise can help sleep.
  • Keep your room dark during sleep hours, because our body is sensitive to light & dark.
  • Napping can affect your sleep: avoid daytime nap to get good sleep at night.
  • Alcohol, caffeine, and smoking: avoid these it disturbs your sleep.
  • Keep the noise level down.
  • Room temperature and ventilation should be suitable to our body condition.
  • Reserve your bed for sleeping, do not use it for reading, discussing, etc.
  • Keep a regular bedtime schedule, including weekends. Our body has a clock inbuilt.
  • Avoid too much food, especially fatty, rich food.
  • Develop a relaxing mood at bedtime. Avoid hot discussion at bedtime.
  • Listening to soft music or radio broadcast.
  • Do meditation or other mind calming exercise before bedtime.
  • Take the TV out of the bedroom.
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