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Insomnia-sleep Acupressure

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According to Chinese Medicine, when night comes the Qi (vital energy) & blood slip into the interior, and we fall into sleep. If it does not happen, he/she will get into insomnia.

Acupressure sleep's healing

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, a human body is considering as a mini nature. When the sun descends, the night is coming; meanwhile, the Qi (vital energy) and blood slip into the interior and human fall into sleep. This is a well-balanced status for a person. Now, you can get a conclusion that if Qi and blood cannot slip into the interior in the evening because of any reasons, you will get into insomnia.

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There are kinds of reasons that cause vital energy and blood cannot go into the inside, such as disharmony between the heart and kidney, deficiency of Qi and blood of the heart and spleen, lack of yin of liver and eat too much or starve. Person cannot sleep peacefully, manifesting to be difficulty in going into sleep, easy to wake after sleep and not easy to sleep again and so on. It is just a Traditional Chinese Medicine theory - "yang cannot enter into yin.
The main treating principle of insomnia in Traditional Chinese Medicine includes communicating heart and kidney, nourishing Qi and blood of heart and spleen, promoting digestion & removing retention of food.

Acupressure points for sleep healing

Acupressure is particularly effective in treating insomnia. Many people report immediate improvements in their sleeping habits. With acupressure, the sensation of sleep comes easily, lasts without interruption, and is deeper and more refreshing.

Acupressure points for sleep insomnisa healing

Are acupressure’s safe?

Acupressure is generally reporting as safe when performed by an experienced practitioner. No serious complications have been publishing, despite millions of treatments every year. Self-administered acupressure believes to be safe with proper training. Vigorous acupressure may cause bruising in sensitive individuals.

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