Sleep Reflexology

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010
Sleep Reflexology

Reflexology in insomnia is simple to perform, without any side effects, provides relief from insomnia, and provides overall wellness.

Sleep disorder causes & how is reflexology helps to relieve it?

Sleep problems or disorders are mostly causing by mental stress, breathing difficulty, circulating problems and digestive disorder. These problems can be resolved by stimulating the respective organ’s reflex points. See the picture below for reflex points of the different organs.

  • Mental reasons (stress, anxiety, fear, anger, etc.),
    • Relived by stimulating the reflex points (brain) to calm the mind
  • Breathing difficulty (narrowing of airway during sleep in sleep apnea),
    • Relived by stimulating the reflex points of lungs.
  • Circulation problems (restless leg syndrome)
    • Relived by stimulating the reflex points of the circulatory system (heart).
  • Digestive problems (sleep disturbance due to abdominal gas, pain, etc.)
    • Relived by stimulating the reflex points of digesting organs (stomach, small intestine, large intestine & liver)

Reflexology massage for sleep disorders

It is advisable and preferred to start the reflexology massage treatment from:

  • Endocrine glands (all the seven glands), which are controlling the entire metabolic system.
  • Then continue the reflexology massage by stimulating the organ that causes sleep disorders such as brain, respiratory organ, circulating systems, and digestive organs.

Endocrine gland reflexology massage for sleep disorders

  1. Pituitary gland
  2. Pineal gland
  3. Thyroid & parathyroid gland
  4. Thymus gland
  5. Adrenal gland
  6. Pancreas gland
  7. Testes (for male) or Ovaries (for women)

Special attention should give to the adrenal gland, because it is responsible for stressful situations (most of the sleep disorders are causing by stressful lifestyle). Massaging adrenal reflex will make you calm by reliving stress and helps to attain calm mind. Concentrate on all seven glands, because the hormones secreted by the glands are messenger system for total control the human body system.

Reflexology massages for sleep disorder causing organs

Massaging the reflex points of the organs that cause sleep disorders can help to relive from these disorders.

  • Brain – Helps to relieve mental stress, anxiety & fear
  • Solar plexus - Tension and stress commonly result in a “tight chest” and “shallow breathing.” This technique is good for anxiety, improved breathing, to ease distress, anger, and pain. Oriental medicine calls this point, “Calming Spirit” and it lives up to the name.
  • Respiratory system - Lungs,
  • Circulatory systems - composed of the cardiovascular system (which distributes blood) and the lymphatic system (which distributes lymph). Cardiovascular system is the heart and lymphatic system contains spleen, thymus, and bone marrow.
  • Stomach

Massage reflex areas of brain, solar plexus, lungs, heart, spleen, thymus, and stomach. If found any pain, numbness in these reflex areas, then special attention should be given to that particular area. Because a different sensation indicates, some minor problem linked with that related organ. If a particular point shows any positive change after massaging, then increase the frequency of massage to that particular location. If happen otherwise discards that reflex point from massaging.