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Insomnia Sleep Remedies

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Homeopathy is nano-pharmacology, which uses very small doses to treat the illness. Homeopathy may be effecting in the treatment of Insomnia by calming down mind by stimulating our own body system.

If you mistakenly reached this page (homeopathic medicine) when looking for home remedies, then we suggest you to visit sleep home remedies.

Homeopathic information for beginners

Homeopathy Remedies

If you are new to Homeopathy system of medicine and want to try out with the maximum benefit, then we advise you to read:

Agaricus Muscarius homeopathic sleep remedy

Agaricus Muscarius sleep remedy can choose, if one has: General signs are general Paralysis, sensation as if pierced by needles of ice, violent bearing-down pains. Symptoms appear diagonally as right arm and left leg; pains are accompanying by sensation of cold, numbness, and tingling. Mind signs are sings, talks, but do not answer, loquacity, aversion to work, indifference, and fearlessness. Head signs are vertigo from sunlight, dull headache from prolong deskwork, headache with a nosebleed. Eye signs are reading difficult, and type seems to move (to swim). Faces sings are facial muscles feel stiff, and twitch. Stomach signs are gastric disturbance with sharp pains in the liver region. Female signs are severe bearing-down pains, especially after menopause. Respiratory signs are expectoration of little balls of mucus; cough ends in a sneeze. Heart signs are irregular, tumultuous palpitation. Back pain with sensitiveness of the spine to touch, twitching of cervical muscles. Extremity’s signs are itching of toes and feet as if frozen. Skin signs are burning, itching, redness, and swelling, as from Frostbites. Sleep signs are paroxysms of yawning, on falling asleep, starts twitches and awakes often.

Suggested dosage is third to thirtieth and two hundredth potency. For skin, affections and brain exhaustions gives the lower attenuations.

Homeopathy materia medica Agaricus muscarius

Ambra Grisea (Ambr) insomnia remedies

Ambra Grisea sleep remedy can choose if one has excitable, nervous children, thin, nervous patients, extreme nervous, and hyper-sensitiveness. Furthermore, for patients are weakening by age or overwork, anemic, and sleepless. Mind signs are music causes weeping. Head signs are tearing pain in upper half of the brain, and senile dizziness. Hearing Impaired. Stomach signs are distention of stomach and abdomen after midnight. Urinary signs are feeling in the urethra as if a few drops’ pass-out, urine turbid even during emission, form brown sediment. Female signs are itching of the pudendum with softness and swelling, discharge of blood between periods at every little accident. Respiratory signs are nervous, spasmodic cough with hoarseness and eructation, hollow spasmodic barking cough coming from deep in the chest. Heart signs are palpitation with pressure in the chest as from a lump lodged there, or as if chest obstructs. Sleep signs are cannot sleep from worry, must get up. Extremity’s signs are cramps in hands and fingers. Modalities – worsen by music, presence of strangers, from any unusual thing, morning, and warm room; better by slow motion in the open air, lying on painful part, cold drinks.

Suggested dosage is second and third potencies, May be repeated with advantage.

Homeopathy materia medica Ambra grisea

Avena Sativa (Aven) homeopathic sleep remedy

Avena Sativa sleep remedy can choose if one is alcoholism, nervous exhaustion, sexual debility, sleeplessness, and especially of alcoholics or bad effects of morphine habit. Mind signs are inability to the keep mind on any one subject. Head signs are nervous headache, and nervous states of many female troubles.  

Suggested dosage is a tincture ten to twenty drops, preferably in hot water.

Homeopathy materia medica Avena sativa

Calcarea Carbonica (Calc) insomnia remedies

Calcarea Carbonica sleep remedy can choose, if jaded (weary) stale (uninteresting from overuse) mental or physical due to overwork, abscesses (localized collection of pus) in deep muscles, polypi (a small vascular (vessels that conduct and circulate fluids) growth on the surface of a mucous membrane) and exostoses (a benign outgrowth from a bone, usually covered with cartilage). Mind signs are apprehensive, fears loss of reason, misfortune, forgetful. Head signs are icy coldness in & on the head, much perspiration, and wet the pillow. Eye signs are spots and ulcers on cornea, chronic dilatation of pupils. Ear signs are otorrhea (discharge from the external ear), and enlarged glands. Nose signs are nostril’s sore, ulcerated, and takes cold at every change of weather. Mouth signs are persistent sour taste, swelling of tonsils, goiter (abnormally enlarged thyroid gland; it can result from underproduction or overproduction of hormone). Stomach signs are craving for indigestible things (such as chalk, coal, and pencils), frequent sour eructation, sour vomiting, dislike of fat, loss of appetite when overworked, abdomen inguinal & mesenteric glands swollen, distention, and gall-stone colic. Male sign is frequent emissions. Female signs are the menses too; early, profuse, long with cold, damp feet. Respiratory signs are painless hoarseness, suffocating spells, worse going upstairs, chest very sensitive to touch, percussion, or pressure. Extremity’s signs are cold, damp feet, soles of feet raw. Sleep signs are same disagreeable idea always arouses from light slumber.

Suggested dosage is sixth, thirtieth and higher potencies, should not repeat too often in elderly people.

Homeopathy materia medica Calcarea carbonica

Camphora (Camph) homeopathic sleep remedy

Camphora sleep remedy can choose if one has a cold, with chilliness and sneezing, characteristic of camphor that the patient will not cover. Head signs are fleeting stitches in temporal region and orbits, head sore, occipital throbbing synchronous with the pulse, nose cold and pinched; tongue cold, flabby, trembling. Male signs are desire increased, chordee (painful erection of the penis, usually with downward curvature), priapism (condition in which the penis is continually erecting), nightly emissions. Sleep signs are insomnia with cold limbs, subsultus and extreme restlessness.

Suggested dosage is a tincture, in drop doses, repeat frequently, or smell of the spirit of camphor. Potencies are equally effective.

Homeopathy materia medica Camphora

Cannabis Indica (Cann-I) insomnia remedies

Cannabis Indica sleep remedy can choose if one has a condition of intense exaltation, in which all perceptions and conceptions, all sensations and emotions are exaggerating to the utmost degree. Mind signs are very forgetful, cannot finish sentence, uncontrollable laughter, and sub-conscious (or dual nature state). Head signs are feeling as if the top of the head were opening and shutting, involuntary. Sleep signs are very sleepy, dreams of dead bodies, grinding of teeth in sleep.

Suggested dosage is a tincture and low attenuations.

Homeopathy materia medica Cannabis indica

Chloralum (Chlor) homeopathic sleep remedy

Chloralum sleep remedy is the use in physiological doses, is a powerful hypnotic and cardiac depressant, emotional excitability, hallucinations, night terrors in children, and muscular prostration. Sleep signs are insomnia, hallucinations, horrid dreams, and somnolence.

Suggested dosage is first trituration for skin conditions, Otherwise higher potencies. Locally, it is for offensive foot-sweat; bathe with one per cent, solution. For its physiological effects, take five to twenty grains. Use cautiously.

Homeopathy materia medica Chloralum

Cocculus (Cocc) insomnia remedies

Cocculus sleep remedy can choose if one has painful contracture of limbs & trunk, tetanus (rare but often-fatal disease that affects the central nervous system by causing painful muscular contractions), many of the evil effects of night watching are relieving by it. It shows a special attraction for light-haired females, especially during pregnancy, causing much nausea and backache. Mind signs are time passes too quickly, profound sadness, cannot bear contradiction. Head signs are vertigo, nausea, especially when riding or sitting up. Abdomen signs are distended with wind, feeling as if full of sharp stones when moving, pain in abdominal ring as if something is a force through, abdominal muscles weak; it seems as if a hernia. Extremity’s signs are paralytic pain in small of the back, pain in shoulder and arms as if bruised. Sleep signs are spasmodic yawning, coma vigil, constant drowsiness, after loss of sleep, night watching. Modalities – condition becomes better lying on one side or the other.

Suggested dosage is third to thirtieth potency.

Homeopathy materia medica Cocculus

Coffea Cruda (Coff) homeopathic sleep remedy

Coffea Cruda sleep remedy can choose if one has neuralgia in various parts, always with great nervous excitability and intolerance of pain, unusual activity of mind and body. Head signs are it seems as if brain were turning to pieces, as if a nail were driving into the head, sensitive hearing. Sleep signs are wakeful, on a constant move, sleeps until 3 AM after which only dozing, wakes with a start, sleep disturbed by dreams, sleepless on account of mental activity, flow of ideas with nervous excitability. Modalities – condition becomes worse in the open air.

Suggested dosage is third to two hundredth potency.

Homeopathy materia medica Coffea cruda

Cypripedium (Cypr) insomnia remedies

Cypripedium sleep remedy can choose if one has skin symptoms correspond to those of poisoning by Rhus, it is fine as an efficient antidote, nervousness in children from teething and intestinal troubles, debility after gout, hydrocephaloid symptoms result of long exhausting diarrhea, sleeplessness, cerebral hyperasthesia in young children often the result of over-stimulation of brain. Head signs are a child cries out at night, wakeful and begins to laugh and play headaches of elderly people and during a climacteric.

Suggested dosage is a tincture to sixth attenuation. For poison oak, five drops of tincture per dose, also locally.

Homeopathy materia medica Cypripedium

Daphne Indica (Daph) homeopathic sleep remedy

Daphne Indica sleep remedy can acts on lower tissues, muscles, bones and skin. There is a sudden, lightning jerks in different parts of the body, craving for tobacco, burning in stomach, parts of the body feel separated, fetid breath, and urine sweat. Head signs are feeling as if the skull would burst, as if the head were separate from body, heat in the head, especially in vertex, tongue coated on one side only. Urine signs are thick, turbid, yellowish, and like rotten eggs. Extremity’s signs are right toe swollen, painful, pain shoots upward into abdomen and heart, rheumatic pains in thighs, & knees; cold feeling on buttocks, and shooting pains shift rapidly. Modalities – condition becomes worse by cold air. Sleep signs are entire inability to sleep sometimes causes by aching in bones, dreams with nightmare, dreams of cats, starting on falling to sleep with chilliness and clamminess.

Suggested dosage is first to sixth attenuation.

Homeopathy materia medica Daphne indica

Gelsemium (Gels) insomnia remedies

Gelsemium sleep remedy can choose if one has dizziness, drowsiness, dullness, trembling, and muscular weakness. Head signs are vertigo, pain in temple extending into the ear. Eye’s signs are ptosis, eyelids heavy, dim-sighted, orbital neuralgia, toith contraction & twitching of muscles, hysterical amblyopia. Mouth signs are trembling, post-diphtheritic paralysis, feeling of a lump in the throat, difficult swallowing, and pain from the throat to ear. Stool signs are diarrhea from emotional excitement. Heart signs are feeling as if it was necessary to keep in motion (or else heart's action would cease), weak slow pulse of old age. Sleep signs are cannot get fully to sleep, delirious on falling asleep, insomnia from exhaustion and from uncontrollable thinking, yawning.

Suggested dosage is a tincture to thirtieth attenuation, first to third most often used.

Homeopathy materia medica Gelsemium

Ignatia (Ign) homeopathic sleep remedy

Ignatia sleep remedy can choose if you have, mental and emotional element is the uppermost, & interference of co-ordination function. It is especially adapted to the nervous temperament, women of sensitive, easily excited nature, dark colored, mild disposition, quick to perceive, and rapid in execution. Head signs feel hollow, heavy, and worse from stooping. Stomach signs are sour eructation, much flatulence, sinking in the stomach, relieved by taking a deep breath. Sleep signs are very light, jerking of limbs on going to sleep, insomnia from grief, cares, with itching of arms and violent yawning, dreams continuing a long time. Modalities – worse in the morning, open air, after meals, coffee, smoking, liquids, external warmth; better while eating, change of position.

Suggested dosage is sixth to 200th potency.

Homeopathy materia medica Ignatia

Lecithinum (Lec) insomnia remedies

Lecithinum sleep remedy can choose if one has been increasing number of red corpuscles and amount of hemoglobin. Lecithin has a favorable influence upon the nutritive condition and especially upon the blood, hence its use in anemia and convalescence, neurasthenia and insomnia. Always tired, weak, short breath, flesh loss, symptoms of general breakdown, and sexually weak. Mind signs are forgetful, dull, and confused.

Suggested dosage is one-half to 2 grains of crude and potencies, twelfth potency.

Homeopathy materia medica Lecithinum

Passiflora Incarnata (Passi) homeopathic sleep remedy

Passiflora Incarnata sleep remedy is an efficient anti-spasmodic, suitable for whooping cough, morphine habit, delirium tremens, convulsions in children, neuralgia, atonic (exhibiting a lack of muscle tone) condition generally present. This remedy has a quieting effect on the nervous system and produces normal sleep. It is suitable for neuroses of children, hysteria, worm-fever (worm affections with or without fever), teething, spasms, and tetanus. Stomach signs are painful diarrhea. Respiration signs are asthma, nocturnal cough. Head signs are violent ache as if the top of the head would come off- eyes felt as if pushed out. Stomach signs are leaden, dead feeling after or between meals, flatulence, and sour eructation. Sleep signs are restless, wakeful resulting from exhaustion (especially in the feeble, infants and the aged), insomnia of infants (aged, mentally worried, and overworked) with a tendency to convulsions.

Suggested dosage is large doses of mother tincture are required, thirty to sixty drops, repeated several times.

Homeopathy materia medica Passiflora incarnata

Sumbulus (Sumb) insomnia remedies

Sumbulus sleep remedy can choose if one has many hysterical, nervous symptoms: this remedy is useful for neuralgic affections, anomalous, and cardiac disorders. Numbness is due to cold, numbness on left side, and insomnia of delirium tremens (fifteen drops of tincture). There is a sensation as if water drops down spine, asthma, and tissue remedy for sclerosed arteries. Head signs are emotional & fidgety, dull in morning, clear in evening, tenacious (fixed point of view), and mistakes in writing. Respiration signs are yellow mucus in nose, throat-choking constriction, constant swallowing, a spasm of pharyngeal muscles, and tenacious mucus in the throat. Stomach signs are belching of gas. Heart signs are nervous palpitation, neuralgia around left breast and left hypochondriac region, cardiac asthma, aching in the left arm, heavy, numb, weary, and loses breath on any exertion. Pulse Female signs are ovarian neuralgia, abdomen full, distended, and painful. Urinary signs are oily pellicle on the surface of urine. Modalities – worsen symptoms with active exercise and left side.

Suggested dosage is a tincture to third potency.

Homeopathy materia medica Sumbulus

Xanthoxylum (Xan) insomnia remedies

Xanthoxylum sleep remedy can choose if one has paralysis, especially hemiplegia, painful haemorrhages, after-pains, neuralgic dysmenorrhea, and rheumatic affections. Mind signs are nervous, frightened, and mental depression. Stomach signs are abdomen griping, diarrhea, and dysentery with tympanites. Female signs are menses too early and painful, and pain in back and down legs. Sleep signs are hard, un-refreshing, dreams of flying, and sleeplessness in neurasthenics.

Suggested dosage is first to sixth potency.

Homeopathy materia medica Xanthoxylum

Are Homeopathic remedies safe?
Most homeopathic practitioners regard this approach as safe, although there is limited safety research of homeopathy. Because therapies are often individualized, it is difficult to generalize about overall safety. There is no published reports of serious adverse effects. Homeopathy should not use to treat life-threatening conditions, and should not delay seeking established therapies for severe health conditions.

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