Narcolepsy Lifestyle

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010

Living with narcolepsy can be hard. It can affect the ability to drive, work, at school, and maintain relationships. Besides taking medicine, Narcoleptics need to perform many things to have a safe and satisfied life.

Helpful tips for narcolepsy life

In this article let us see some useful tips for people living with narcolepsy. For ease the topic is classifying as below:

  • Helpful tips to narcoleptics for the safer drive
  • Work or Job’s choice for narcoleptics
  • Getting moral narcolepsy support
  • Narcolepsy in school going children
  • Pregnant Women with narcolepsy

Helpful tips to narcoleptics for the safer drive

Driving can be dangerous for people who have narcolepsy, discuss with the doctor regarding this before doing so.

  • Have naps before driving - helps narcoleptics with extreme daytime sleepiness.
  • Stop often during long drives – Stretch, jack, and walk around during the stops.
  • Have family or friends in the car so that keep engaging, or get rides from them.

Work or Job’s choice for narcoleptics

Narcoleptics can undertake all types of jobs, but some are better than others are. For example, a job with a flexible work schedule can help to take naps when needed. A job frequent interact with coworkers can help keep awake. A job that does not require driving or located closer to home is always preferable. Certain laws may apply to workers who have particular medical conditions, such as narcolepsy.

Getting moral narcolepsy support

Support from friends, family, and coworkers can help cope with narcolepsy. Gain more knowledge about narcolepsy, and educate family and friends about this disorder.

Narcolepsy in school going children

Children with narcolepsy may have trouble studying, concentrating, and remembering things. To help the child in school: Discuss with the child's teachers and school administrators about the child's narcolepsy and the best ways to handle his medical condition. For example, the child may need to take naps or have some walks during the day to overcome sleepiness.

Discuss and educate the school nurse about the child's narcolepsy, his or her medications, place to keep the medication and a schedule for taking them at school.

Pregnant Women with narcolepsy

Pregnant or planning for it and have narcolepsy, discuss with the doctor about whether continue taking the narcolepsy medication or need any chances, because certain medication may interfere with the pregnancy.