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Restless Legs Syndrome risk factors

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Certain factors (such as genetics, gender, age and many more) contribute for the causes of restless leg syndrome, and it is called as risk factors of RLS.

RLS risk-factors

  • Genetic - More than half of the people with RLS have family members with this condition.
  • Gender - women are more likely to have it than men are.
  • Age - cases of RLS increases with age. Many diagnose as RLS in their middle age; however, 40 % of RLS cases start before 20 years. People with RLS early in their life usually have a family history of RLS.
  • Other health conditions - certain diseases/conditions or medications have more chances to develop RLS.
  • Pregnancy - RLS is common in pregnant-women usually develops during the last three months of pregnancy. Mostly, the symptom improves or disappears after giving birth. However, some may continue to have it after giving birth.
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