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Alternative Holistic Medicines

Alternative or holistic medicine includes many systems of healing, and every system has its own merits, there are some features, which differentiate these from modern medicine..

Holistic approach thus the name Holistic medicine

Alternative medicines consider a person as a whole that is physical, mental, social, and spiritual planes it is considering as a small universe, so called with this name and the resultant cure called by holistic healing or health. Whereas modern medicine treats us as a machine that is, emphasis is only upon the physical-aspects of life.

Guidelines to holistic health

Alternative approach’s belief that the human body has an innate healing ability, so it provides guidelines by emphasis on the maintenance of health by following healthy life styles with proper diet, exercise, human relations, sexuality, and optimistic, clean environment, moral and spiritual values.

Simple, Safe and Economical - Alternative medicines are mostly from natural herbs or minerals, and diagnosis is based on physical and mental symptoms. On the other hand, modern medicine has potent hard drugs, unnecessary diagnostic and surgical interference.

No side effects - Alternative medicine has less or no side effects, but additional it has over-all health benefits by nourishing the internal organs.

Healing for many chronic illnesses - Time-tested traditional medicine has an alternative and possible healing to most of the diseases, which have no amenable treatment from modern medicines.

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