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Alternative Medicine Terms

Alternative medicine is commonly calling with different terms; they are Traditional medicine, Holistic medicine, Natural medicine, and Complementary medicine.

Alternative Medicine Terms (Other names)

Literally, alternative medicine means alternative to "something else.” This something is conventional or western medicine or allopathic or orthodox medicine.

Traditional medicine - This is a very old medicinal system practiced from time immemorial, and it is following from tradition to tradition. Effectiveness of the treatment is time tested and proved. Almost all the alternative medicines are following for traditions, and they are time tested.

Holistic medicine - Most of the alternative medical systems consider a human body as a complete being comprises of physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions. This whole consideration instead of the physical body alone called as a holistic approach.

Natural medicine | Herbal medicine | Ayurveda - These methods of treatments are base on the laws of nature, and natural substances are use to treat the patients. Ayurveda, herbal, homeopathy, and naturopathic all called as natural medicine.

Complementary medicine - Possibility of treating an illness by the combination of two or more alternative medicinal systems, which one compliments the other in the treatment, and so it called as Complementary medicine.

Integrative medicine - Combination of knowledge of traditional and modern medicinal practices is ultimately superior to a single model approach of treatment, and this combination called as Integrative medicine. This integrated approach can provide safer, faster, and more efficient treatment. Integrative medicine is the combination of alternative medicines and modern medicine.

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