Beginners Yoga Tips

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 07/07/2011
Beginners Yoga Tips

Yoga beginners are more enthusiastic and like to master yoga in a single go. Please keep in mind “yoga is for relaxation” do not make it as a stressful event.

Yoga Tips for Beginners

  • Best times for yoga – for a maximum benefit the best time for practicing yoga are early morning or evening that is during sunrise or sunset. However, can practice at any time; try to perform yoga at the same time daily and at the same place if possible.
  • Do on the empty stomach - It is strictly not to practice right after having a meal, at least there should be a gap of two hours after a meal. Even having a yoga session when thirsty or hungry is not recommended.
  • Duration of the yoga session – Beginners can start with half an hour yoga session in the beginning and gradually increase it to one hour once your body is ready for it.
  • Make your body flexible before the yoga session – it is always advisable to start with aerobic exercise to make your body flexible and to promote blood circulation. This helps you to perform yoga poses better than normal.
  • Do not strain you – Beginners due to enthusiasm try to master in yoga in the first class itself, but please note yoga is for relaxation do it without pain. If you feel strain stop doing it and consult your yoga instructor for modification or alternate yoga, pose.
  • Do not do when fatigue – never try to force yourself to perform yoga when tired, fatigue, sleepy or hungry. It is always better to skip the yoga session if feel tired.
  • Pain/tired after the yoga session – it is common for beginners to feel pain or tiredness after yoga session or on the next day. However, this pain or tiredness will vanish on regular practice, and you will become more brisk and energetic for the whole day.
  • Benefit of daily yoga practice – you will be more energetic, more attentive, more patience, stress free, more flexible, free from musculoskeletal problems (most common after age of 35 years), even free from many common diseases (diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure abnormalities, sleep disorders, digestion problems, etc.), and you can be youthful even at your old ages.
  • Food after the yoga session – do not drink or eat anything immediately after the yoga session it is always better to have after 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Yoga perfection – Beginners should not try hard for yoga asana perfection in the cost of strain; instead try to make your pose perfect gradually until reach total perfection.
  • Practice at a well-aired place – it is not necessary to practice yoga in open air; even open air may cause uneasiness. Therefore, it is best to practice in a well-aired place, which is convenient to you.
  • For better performance – A warm bath makes the body more flexible and improves blood circulation period, therefore, have a bath before yoga. It helps you better perform yoga poses than normal.