Birth of Homeopathy

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Samuel Hahnemann as a doctor, he disgusted by the medical practices during that time. Samuel Hahnemann founded homeopathy on 1790 and published on 1796.

Samuel Hahnemann founder of Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann was born on 1755; he graduated medicine from the University of Erlangen in 1781. He start practicing as a doctor, during this period medicinal practice was unregulated and dangerous such as bloodletting, leeching, etc. He became increasingly disgusted with this treatment modality and concern about harming. Thus, he gave up the practice of medicine. 

First Homeopathic Experiment – Cinchona Bark

Because Hahnemann gave up the medical practice, to support his family he chose to translate foreign medical texts into his native German language. While translating a text on Cinchona Bark, which argued cinchona is effective for malaria treatment because of its bitter and astringent taste? Hahnemann thought it as illogical; other herbs with same property do not help malaria. He questioned why cinchona barks works for malaria when others were not. He conducted an experiment that give birth homeopathic law of similars.

In 1970 Hahnemann tested Cinchona bark on him; shortly after taking the first dose he experience fever, thirst, palpitation, drowsiness, anxiety and muscle & joint pain. These are the symptoms of malaria. He repeated the experiment and experience same symptoms.

Hahnemann understood that cinchona treat malaria not because of bitter and astringent taste; instead, it is because it produces malaria-like symptoms in healthy people. To confirm this Hahnemann conducted more experiment on himself and others with different substances. In each instance, they produce symptoms in the healthy people similar to the condition it treats.

Birth of Homeopathy

Hahnemann takes six years (in the year 1796) to collect enough evidence to release his findings to the scientific and medical community. He explained the laws of similars doctrine and demonstrated it in many substances. The concept of “like cure like” exist from the time of Hippocrates has finally validated. Birth of homeopathy happens in the year 1796. 

Homeopathic preparations are energetic medicines called remedies, which are free from chemical side effects. Homeopathy treats a person’s illness by stimulating their body’s natural healing power to correct illness; additionally, it strengthens resistance to this illness in the future.

Homeopathic remedies are well diluted by a process called potentization, which increases the healing power of the original substance at the same time removes toxicity. Homeopathic remedies do not produce as side effects, will not interact with other medications and are not addictive forming. Homeopathy is safe for all ages including babies, elderly and even for pregnant women.

Homeopathy is effective for both acute (rapid onset) and chronic (long-lasting) problems. The correct remedy resolves even chronic deep-seated complaints such as arthritic, digestive, and respiratory disorders. Mental and emotional problems such as lack of confidence, depression, panic-attacks, jealousy, and ADD (or ADHD) also respond well to homeopathic treatment. 

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