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Conventional. vs. Alternative Medicine

Conventional. vs. Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine sees patients as a whole; take care of everything physical, mental, and emotional. Conventional medicine looks them as machine.

Compare Conventional & Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine are mostly traditionally followed for thousand of years and are well tested, whereas conventional medicine are modern medicine based on science. In this artile let us see how these medicinal system consider the health, disease, role of medicine, goal of treatment, etc.

Origin of disease

Conventional medicine believes germs/genes caused disease and this offending pathogen, metabolic error, or chemical imbalance would eventually correct with an appropriate vaccine, antibiotic, or chemical compound. Conventional medicine believes that we live under constant attack by the thousands of microorganisms causing diseases. We must defend ourselves and counterattack with treatments to kill the enemy is a microorganism). They assume symptoms as harmful manifestations and require suppression.

Alternative medicine believe in vital energy imbalance is a blocked or weakened) caused disease due to reduced vitality of the organ, tissue or cell, oxygen shortage, waste accumulation, and organ degeneration. Correct with appropriate diet, exercise, herb, manipulation to rebalance the vital energy to heal the disease. Alternative medicine believes that microorganism always surrounds us and it makes damage only if energy imbalance happens. A balanced organism exhibits strong defense against external influence is a microorganism or other things). They consider symptoms as the organism’s effort to re-establish balance.

Meaning of Health

Conventional medicine practitioners consider health as the absence of any disease, illness or other abnormal conditions. They define health as a state of well-being.

Alternative medicine practitioners consider health as a balanced and harmony as a whole; that is body, mind, emotions and spirit. Physical health means the optimal functioning of all body systems. Emotional health means the ability to feel/express the whole range of emotions. Mental health means a sense of wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. Spiritual health is the ability to find life events meaning, demonstrate individual purpose and the ability to be compassionate towards others. 

Healing Process

Conventional medicine promotes treatments with drugs, surgery, radiation to cure people, and they trained to fix or repair broken parts. The focus of the treatment is on the infection, disease or abnormal conditions. Treatment purpose is against sickness.

Alternative medicine promotes treatment with diet, exercise, herbs, manipulation to unblock the vital energy and re-established free flowing through the body. Self-healing occurs once we restore the balance and harmony. The purpose of treatment is to total health care.

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