Foot Tapping

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 03/22/2012
Foot Tapping

I am happy to bring you a simple technique that improves your health known as foot-tapping that can make you or bring back your health.

What is foot tapping?

The names itself explain that tapping, slapping, or clapping the foot; slapping foot with an opposite hand and repeat the same on the other foot.

How do you perform foot tapping?

  • Sit on a chair or bed, close your eyes, take few deep natural breathing, and relax your body.
  • Open your eyes. Place your right foot on your left knee.
  • Take your left hand; all fingers jointed together; palm slightly cupped, keeps the wrist area loose and relaxed (not stiff or rigid).
  • Slam, tap or clap the right foot with the left palm with a firm gently force (not too hard). You should hear clapping sound. Tap at an interval of about one second for each tap. Tap for 100 times or break-up into four installments of 25 each.
  • Remove your right foot from the left knee. Close your eye, take a few deep natural breathing, and relax.
  • Open your eyes. Place your left foot on your right knee and slap it with your right-hand palm as said before.
  • Remove your left foot from the right knee. Close your eye, take a few deep natural breathing, and relax.

Foot slapping technique can open-up the energy points on foot (i.e., reflex points of the internal organs). Slap or clap your foot for 50 to 100 times, once a day before bedtime. If you do not have any feeling of pain, numbness, burning sensation in the foot, then slap 50 times, a day is sufficient. Do not overdo; it may exhaust you.

What are the benefits of foot slapping?

Food slapping provides fresh blood and energy circulation to the reflex points of the internal organs such as liver, gall bladder, kidney, heart, eye, brain, pancreas, and the whole body. By which it nourishes and invigorates every organ and provides total wellness.

Foot clapping can help to restore normal vision for all eye problems such as near, far and poor sightedness. Even for diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) and high blood pressure, it supports better diabetes and blood pressure management as well as prevents complications such as nerve damage, heart and kidney problems. Be prepared; you may even need to lower your medication dosages.

Foot tapping is also trusted to provide relief for various health problems such as night sweats, heart palpitations, loss of memory, insomnia, mental stress, neurasthenia, migraine headaches, knee and back pain, blood deficiency, burning red face, depression, eyesight disorders, liver and gall bladder problems, etc. I named few; the list may include extent endlessly, and I request your feedback and contribution to this list.

How is foot-tapping work?

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine to have good health, the body requires water to move upward and fire downward. It is because the head and brain must remain cool and calm, while the hands and foot remain warm. When one falls ill, you can find their head is in hot (with fire), and the hands and foot are at cold or moist.  Foot tapping balance's water and fire in the body and restore normal health.

Note that our foot contains 7,000 nerve endings, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments, and 26 bones. Also, foot sole has reflex-points (i.e., nerve endings) of all the major organs in our body. Thus by stimulating these points by tapping, helps to nourish the essential organs, and restore normal health.


Beginners should tap your foot more gently for first one or two weeks. Protect yourself from pain or sore; you should increase the force only once you gain experience. If you have low blood pressure, anemia, hypoglycemia, giddiness or vertigo, then place one hand over the top of your head while the other hand slaps your foot. Practicing foot slapping is unsafe if you suffered from any severe health problems such as cancer, a heart condition, or feeling extremely weak. If you seriously fall ill, then rub the foot and finish by rubbing around your belly a few times.