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Choose homeopathic remedies not based on common symptoms for that illness, instead look for symptoms that are different and individualized.

Homeopathic are not trying to explain the condition, but to find a suitable remedy for it by matching the patient's mental and physical symptoms to the specific characteristics of the remedy.

Homeopathic Keynotes

Best-known aspects of a remedy called as Keynotes: these include the mental/emotional and/or physical symptoms, plus modalities and causation. Remedies are most often prescribing for first aid just on Keynotes.
Keynotes are highlighting of a remedy’s best-known characteristics, symptoms, and modalities. In “Materia Medica,” some words or sentences are in CAPITALS, bold, color or italics.

Choosing homeopathic remedy’s bases on patient’s symptoms

To choose correct remedy, patient’s symptoms should analyze as mentioned below:

  • Main complication
  • Physical symptoms
  • Mental/emotional/psychological
  • Modalities
  • Causation

Mental/emotional symptoms are of paramount importance not only when prescribing for these conditions, but also when prescribing for physical symptoms.

Modalities are one of the most important aspects for choosing a remedy. They are essential criterion that enables us to decide between remedies. Modalities are the modifying and qualifying factors of a remedy - better or worse relating to weather, movement, activity, time, etc.

Causations (aetiology): Shocks, traumas, injuries, poisons, diet, drugs, vaccinations, stresses, surgery, bad weather, etc., are the roots of many acute and chronic disorders and weakness.


It is usually enough to have 'three legs of the stool' to decide a remedy in ACUTE conditions; that is, three distinct aspects of the remedy that match three aspects of the patient’s symptoms. Just as a stool with three legs is more stable than a stool with one or two legs, a medicine given assuming three key symptoms is more reliable than if a medicine is given based on one or two symptoms alone (and remember a diagnosis is not a symptom). Of course, the more symptoms that fit the better, three symptoms are not the limit!

Three legs of the stool could be:

1 - main complaint, 2 - the mood, 3 - the modality

If a patient is nauseous, anxious, worse late at night, remedy is “Arsenicum.”
If a patient is nauseous, irritable, worse early morning, remedy is “Nux-vomica.”

In both cases, the patient would be complaining of feeling sick, but their temperament and modalities help decide the correct remedy.

Are Homeopathic medicines safe? Most homeopathic practitioners regard this approach as safe, although there is limited safety research of homeopathy. Because therapies are often individualized, it is difficult to generalize about overall safety. There is no published report of serious adverse effects. Homeopathy should not use to treat life-threatening conditions, and you should not delay seeking established therapies for severe health conditions

Homeopathic remedies for diseases

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