Homeopathy Real Medicine or Placebo

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Scientific communities claim that the homeopathic principles are not meaningful. Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

Homeopathy Empirical Science

Homeopathy is an empirical science; means completely verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic.

Homeopathy real vs placebo

Today’s science developed from the interpreting the experience and formulating it as standard. The most important is our experience and apply our talent to understand it. Starting point for every law and theory is our experience.

Although homeopaths may not understand how their medicines work; however, they are 100% sure that it will cure their patients. You know pharmacologists readily acknowledge; there are numerous commonly prescribed drugs including aspirin and certain antibiotics, whose mechanism of action remains unknown. However, this lack of knowledge does not stop physicians from prescribing them.

Why homeopathy receives most criticism?

Skeptics criticize homeopathy, because homeopaths have amazing healing experience; however, do not have convincing explanation for the mechanism of action of homeopathy that is why many have trouble accepting it.

Here we try providing information to suggest various ways, how homeopathy might work.

Homeopathy is not placebo instead real medicine

Skeptics of homeopathy put forward numerous criticism regarding homeopathy principles, mechanism of action, etc. 

Skeptics generally disparage homeopathy, they are:

  • Like cure like - How a substance that causes ill symptom could cure identical symptoms in an ill person? Like-Cure-Like science has a strong scientific concept: Hormesis, Arndt-Schulz law, and active immunization can confirm this principle.
  • Infinitesimal & Potentization –How a drop of medicinal substance in an ocean can initiate healing? How dilutions by striking at hard leathery surface increase the healing power? Diluted Homeopathy Remedies Contains Healing Energy. Homeopathy medicines are not just dilution; instead potentized at every stages of succession or trituration. The homeopathic preparation dilutes the material content, at the same time its energy level increases. Homeopathy medicines are not material based instead energy medicine to re-establish energy balance. 
  • Ultra-molecular preparations – How can an ultra-diluted substance produce any biological effect? It is not ultra-dilution; instead, highly potentized medicines that produce positive biological effects.
  • Clinical trials - Why homeopathic trial failed to produce result. Homeopathy is unsuitable for clincial trials. It is effective, which has been proved by many studies as well as number of users increases every second after experiencing its benefits.

Some common homeopathic criticism 

Water used in homeopathic solution has been in contact will all sorts of substances including pee. Then, why does it remember only the herb used in the homeopathic drug preparation? How water can remember what it is supposed to remember, and forget all the other contaminants it contacted in the past. 

Homeopathy uses only distilled water and/or alcohol, so it does not hold energy of any of the substances it contacted in the past. That is the question of a prior memory of purified water has no meaning. 

Homeopathic method of consultation provides kind interaction that helps lower patients stress, which enhances the body’s own healing mechanism. May be this causes placebo effect. Homeopathy is considering as a form of psychotherapy.

Although placebo effect may relieve few symptoms; however, not cure disease. The homeopathic medicine works in infants and pets that cannot influence psychologically. Therefore, placebo effect on infants and pets are absolute foolishness.

Homeopathy skeptic turn into a supporter

Constantine Hering is considering being the founders of homeopathy in America. Hering was the student of Leipzig University, in Germany, assistant of a doctor who asked him to write a book to disprove the legitimacy of homeopathy. 

Hering ardently studied the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy. After he received successful homeopathic treatment for an inflamed and seriously infected wound, his opinion about homeopathy changed and he start contributing a lot for homeopathy. This includes observations of the healing process, known as "Hering's Law of Cure".

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