Laws of Homeopathic Cure

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Homeopathy remedies believe to relieve from the symptoms from inner to outward, from top to bottom and reverse order of its appearance.

Laws of Homeopathic Cure

Direction of Cure

There are three homeopathic laws of cure, they are:

  • Homeopathic remedies are always starting at the top of the body and work downwards.
  • Homeopathic remedies are always working from within the body to outward and from major vital body organs to minor organs.
  • Homeopathic remedies clear the symptoms in the reverse order of its appearance.

The above said three homeopathic principles of cure make the patients feel better emotionally before physically.

  • Symptom’s moves from the center of the body to the border and disappear.
  • Symptom’s moves from top of the body to downwards.
  • Symptom’s moves from major vital organs to fewer vital organs.
  • Symptoms removed in the reverse order of their onset, those symptoms that appeared first being the last to remove.


The biological effects of micro doses have known for a long time, and there are many examples that support the idea of very much diluted concentrations of a substance will have a notable and even profound effect. Scientists call this phenomenon as hormesis.

Scientists from Michigan State University have shows how hormesis work in the nature. They used micro doses of fertilizer equivalent to a 9x dilution, which stimulates crop production. The diluted fertilizer increased tomato yield by 30 percent; carrots yield by 21 percent, and corn yield by 25 percent.

Homeopathy Works by Energy mean not by Physical means

Homeopathic remedies are beliefs to work in the energy plane instead of the usual physical plane, as we are thinking and measure. Hahnemann believed that dilution by succussion releases a spirit like energy that works on the energy plane of the vital force in humans. We are already familiar with invisible, immeasurable, unknown energy forms, such as electromagnetic radiation and subatomic particles. Magnets bear their force long before science could explain this behavior. Physicists are trying to understand gravity and the nature of matter and discovering phenomena such as the strong & weak force.

Homeopathy is work as an energy medicine, similar to acupuncture and therapeutic touch. Homeopaths believe that even though there is no physical molecule of the original substance presence after dilution and succussion, still the original matter leave behind an imprint of its essence, or its energy pattern gives it a kind of healing energy. Potentization does not happen neither if you simply dilute a substance (even if dilute it repeatedly) nor do it occur if you only shake the substance vigorously. Therefore, it is necessary to properly-combine these process in proper sequence to retain the energy and progressively intensify.

However, how is this information in such a minute amount of substance transferred to the body? Some theorists suggest repeated succussion can form an electrochemical pattern is stored in the alcohol/water (solvent) carrier and then spreads like liquid crystallization through our own body's water; others say the succusion-dilution combination form an electromagnetic imprint that directly interferes with the electromagnetic field of the body. This concept is also suggesting in other therapies. For example, in Ayurveda taking water that has been potentizated by precious metals such as gold. The water believes to gain curative power when being exposed to gold and other gemstones even though no molecular transfer takes place. The healing power of crystals and magnets believe to transfer from their effect on the energy pattern and or vibration frequency. Therefore, the suggestion of the homeopathic remedies as working on the energy plane may be acceptable.

Homeopathy activates the Vital Force

Homeopaths believe it as the energy and/or vibration pattern of the remedy (rather than the chemical material content) that stimulates the healing by activating the vital energy. Vital energy is the healing energy that exists within every living thing; it called as Chi by Chinese and Prana by Indian Ayurveda. The vital energy provides energy to the mind, body, & emotions and keeps us healthy. If vital energy balance is disturbing by stress, pollution, improper diet, and or lack of exercise, it becomes weakened developing sickness.

Scientists who accept the benefits of homeopathic medicines suggest several theories to explain how highly diluted homeopathic preparations may act. Recent developments in quantum physics proposed that electromagnetic energy in the homeopathic preparations might interact with the body. Physical chemistry scientists have proposed the "memory of water" theory, whereby the structure of the water-alcohol solution is modifying by the medicine during the process of dilution/succussion, and it retains this structure even after the actual substance does not exist.

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