Relax the feet

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Wed, 02/24/2016
Relax the feet

Start a reflexology session with foot relaxation, similar to warm-up exercise. Foot relaxation is useful in the starting and finishing off the reflexology therapy.

6 Effortless Relaxing Reflexology Technique

Aged prefer more relaxation technique time; because of reduced pain & discomfort and increased circulation. Relaxation technique before bedtime, for young children’s help to get good sleep.

Rotate the foot

Hold the right foot heel by the right hand. Hold the metatarsal arch using the left hand; make a big circle, by rotating clockwise and then the anticlockwise. Repeat it five to ten times. Do the same to the left foot.

Stretch the Achilles

Support right heel with one hand; using another hand push back the metatarsal arch, and stretch Achilles' tendon. Hold for ten seconds and have to do this on the left foot.

Healing vortex

Support right foot with one hand; place fisted hand on the bottom of lung reflexes and make a small then large circle with a gentle pressure. Do this for 30 seconds, then have to do the same on the left foot.

Toe Rotation

Support the right foot with the left hand; using the right-hand thumb and index finger, hold the big toe. Rotate the big toes, first clockwise then anticlockwise, each five times. Have to do this on other toes; the second, third, fourth and fifth toes. Have to do this on the left foot also.

Open and stretch the chest

Using both hand fingers, place the top side of the right foot. Place the thumbs 2.5 cm (1 inch) gap, underneath the metatarsal arch. With gentle pressure, pull outwards with a gliding movement, hold for 30 seconds. Have to do this on the left foot.

Solar plexus breathing or push technique

The solar plexus reflexes are useful for the entire digestive system; healthy digestion gives total wellness. Often the solar plexus is called the second or abdominal brain.

The solar plexus reflexes are in a cavity, below the transverse diaphragm line in the zone 3.

On the solar plexus reflexes point, place flexed thumb/finger as a pivot; then rotate the foot using another hand. Inhale for five seconds, with the support of another hand, make the small rotation. Hold the breath for five seconds; continue rotating. Lower the pressure, while exhaling for five seconds. Take few calming breaths. Repeat this for four times. Next, have to do this on the left foot.

Alternatively, work on the solar plexus reflexes on both foot simultaneously with deep breathing. During exhale, lower the applied pressure on the reflexes. Repeat this for two times, and conclude by removing the pressure on the reflexes during breathe out.

Have to do the same relaxation technique on the left foot; if required, reverse the hand positions.