Take Homeopathic Remedy

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Homeopathic medicine stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself; it acts as a catalyst for healing. A homeopathic remedy does not cure as such; rather, it works like realigning the vital force. 

What can you expect taking a homeopathic remedy?

What homeopathy remedies does?

The homeopath's job is to assess the disturbance in vital force and chooses individualized remedy to rebalance this vital force.

  • Acute or Chronic condition - Immediately after taking the remedy within days/weeks, you may feel better, increase in energy and illness gradually improves. You may find faster recovery in case of acute illness (sudden onset condition). However, in case of chronic illness (long-lasting condition), it takes gradual prolong process to total recovery. The long you have the illness, proportionally prolong the recovery it takes.
  • Worse symptoms - Some people may experience slight worsening or aggravation of symptoms/illness after start taking homeopathic treatment. This is usually considering as a good sign; because, it indicates that the remedy works and started the healing process. Mostly aggravations not last longer and are bearable which is usually accompanied by increased sense of wellbeing.
  • Past illness symptoms - You will experience a return of older symptoms (that you experience in the past). This is also considering as good, indicating the body start clearing old disease pattern. These symptoms are generally short-lived and bearable. Please do not think you will fall ill again, it will be only brief reappearance and they may clear at its own. If your condition worsen after taking remedy, analyze yourself whether this reminds you the past-experience.
  • Holistic treatment - Homeopathy is truly holistic form of healthcare. To establish wellness involve treating the person as a whole (mind and body), rather than considering specifically the symptoms of the illness.
  • Cleansing process - Sometime people may experience some form of discharge; this indicates a cleaning process in progression.
  • Total wellbeing - Homeopathic remedy not just influences your physical symptom; it even positively affects physical, mood, and mental wellbeing.
  • Length of homeopathic treatment - Almost every patient asks how long does treatment require. It is impossible to predict the length of treatment, because individual case is different. The length of treatment depends on how long you are having the illness. It may take few months or even longer for proper healing. Acute conditions can better more quickly such as fevers and an upset stomach.
  • Direction of healing - Homeopathic remedies works inside outward; patient usually feels positive with more energy and the outer symptoms such as skin problems often cleared finally.
  • Homeopathic remedies help the body to heal itself, stop reoccurrence and maintain good health.

During an 1849 cholera epidemic in Cincinnati, Ohio, only 3% patient’s diet treated with homeopathy as compared to the 40-70% death rate among those treated with conventional medicine. In the 1879 epidemic of yellow fever, homeopaths in New Orleans treated 1,945 cases with a mortality rate of 5.6% as compared to the 16% mortality rate with conventional medicine.

Homeopath provide certain do & don’ts

Your homeopath will provide you some do & don’ts, they are:

  • Avoid coffee; however, tea is allowable.
  • Do not place your remedy bottle near electrostatic source such as near or over any electrical apparatus or near your cellphone or computer. It is because homeopathic is an energy medicine, which may be weakened by these sources.
  • When you take the remedy, do not take the pill on the hands/fingers; instead use the remedy cap to drop the pills before putting into your mouth. It is because your hands may charge electrostatically to a high potency.
  • Avoid any strong flavor immediately after taking the homeopathic pills; even it is better to eat anything for 15 to 3o minutes after taking the remedy.
  • It is advisable not to grind the homeopathic pills; instead, allow it to dissolve slowly.
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