Submitted by Thiruvelan on Mon, 02/13/2017

Vajrasana is a Sanskrit word; Vajra means thunderbolt, diamond-like, or firmness, and asana means posture.

What is Vajrasana?

Vajrasana pose is also known as Diamond Pose, Pelvic Pose, Thunderbolt Pose, Kneeling Pose or Adamantine Pose.

This yoga pose makes the body exceptionally strong, energetic and healthy. This asana corrects the disorders of the stomach, intestine, liver, kidney, etc. by activating and energizing them.

How to do Vajrasana? Step by Step Procedure

  1. Spread a thick blanket on the ground and kneel down (get down on your knees, your knees, ankles and big toes should be touching the ground), by placing your palms in front of you on the ground.
  2. Slowly getting back and sit on the ground, your calf muscle touching the thigh.  Your body weight is on the ground, and your lower leg is closely in contact with sides of the thighs.
  3. Sit erect by keeping your spine perpendicular to the ground level, take your palms from the ground and place it over your knees.
  4. Take few deep breaths, try to hold in this position for five minutes, slowly extend the duration based on your comfort.

Specialty about Vajrasana

Vajrasana is the same seated position Buddha seated while performing meditation. Vajrasana resembles the Namaz posture Muslims sit during prayer. Also, Buddhists in Japan sit in this pose during meditation.

Do Vajrasana as much as you can. While most yoga poses are supposed to perform on an empty stomach, Vajrasana can practice immediately after meals. However, you should be in this posture during eating.

Doing for at least 5 minutes after meals help to enhance the digestive function.

13 Benefits of Vajrasana

1.    This pose increases the efficiency of the entire digestive system. Useful for almost all digestive ailments such as peptic ulcer, hyperacidity, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, gas trouble, etc. Do Vajrasana for 5 to 15 minutes after food two times a day, increases your digestion power and cures all digestion disorders.

2.    It strengthens back muscles, thus useful for people spend a lot of time sitting in a chair.

3.    Relaxing yoga; will bring tranquility to mind (calm feeling), the mind becomes stable and calm when you practice this pose with eye closed.

4.    This pose help reduces weight & abdominal obesity. Are you interested in zero hip size? Do Vajrasana. You can do it for 15 minutes before food to reduces obesity.

5.    This Yoga improves blood circulation.

6.    Helps in healing urinary problems.

7.    It makes your lower body more flexible.

8.    It strengthens the sexual organs.

9.    It tones body muscles of hips, thighs and the calf muscles.

10. Useful for varicose veins.

11. It is a magical painkiller for people with joint pains such as arthritis.

12. Vajrasana strengthens Vajra Nadi connected with genital organs. Thus Vajrasana makes genital organs and sexual stronger. Also, Vajrasana affects the Nadi known as Kanda, which is related to 72000 other Nadis.

13. The spinal cord or Meru Danda becomes strong and firm. Also, this pose provides longevity.

It improves your posture, thus recommended for people in sedentary jobs.


Avoid practicing this asana if you are suffering from severe joint pain or knee. You should slowly increase the time of asana as much as you can depend on your capability.