Diabetes Acupressure Point Stimulation

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Acupressure is simple to do; even self-acupressure treatment is possible after proper training or practice. Still self-acupressure treatment may be difficult if the acupoint is not easily reachable, in such case get help from your loved ones.

Acupressure Tool

For your acupressure treatment, you need a blunt object, or you can even use your fingers, but be careful about your nail that should not hurt your skin. If you decided to do with a blunt object, then choose an object such as a backside of the pencil or pen or other similar object. This blunt object is required to stimulate our acupressure points.

How to locate acupressure point (acupoint)?

You need to locate the acupressure point perfectly at your best. If you can locate it exactly, then the result will be the best, otherwise the result will be slightly lower. Surely, you will get benefits, even if you cannot locate the exact acupressure points; only quantities of benefit vary.

How do you stimulate Acupoint for diabetes healing?

Click the image below to learn how to do acupressure.


Now using a blend object or your finger, apply gentle firm pressure on the acupoint for about 15 counts (approximately 15 seconds) and then release the pressure. Then apply gently-pressure with anticlockwise rotation for 15 times on the acupoint. You have done, you have successfully stimulated that particular acupoint and you are required to do it for the other acupoints.

What you can expect from diabetes acupressure?

After you have stimulated all the diabetes acupoint; just sit back, relax and ready to welcome some amazing health benefit’s; better blood-glucose control as well as overall physical and mental health improvement. Physically, you can be able to get sound sleep in the night, fresh and energetic in the day. Mentally, you feel happiness, stress-free and anger-free, simply a new personality loved by all.

Important before diabetes acupressure

On the first day of the acupressure treatment, you may experience extreme weakness or fatigue, particularly during sleep. You may feel numbness or twinkling sensation in you foot sole. This may be due to unlocking of Qi blockage and restoration of normal Qi flow.

You can manage this extreme weakness by taking any multivitamin supplement on the first day of acupressure treatment. This weakness is only on the first day of the treatment, it also confirms that your acupressure healing touch is working.

You will not experience any weakness from your next acupressure treatment.

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